Ahhhh raw asl 🤪



  1. Posted by kimlosgirl03, — Reply

    iPhone glitch. If someone doesn’t answer your FaceTime, add another person to the chat (FaceTime) and it automatically answers the original persons( the one that wouldn’t answer) FaceTime

  2. Posted by jpc0828, — Reply

    Ummmmm this is an invasion of privacy and whoever thinks this is okay and others should do this is a messed up person and people who try to attack me saying it’s totally okay you are crazy there is no reason to invade someone’s privacy 🤨 I might try it... I got airpod pros for Christmas 2019 I’m such a hypocrite please excuse my comment

  3. Posted by chantelcccamero, — Reply

    I don’t get it so if someone wants to FaceTime me and I’m unavailable and don’t pick up, if they add another person to the chat my phone would automatically pick up? I’m confused this don’t make sense.

  4. Posted by meagsomalley, — Reply

    Why are u thanking Donald Trump he hasn’t done anything good if anything he’s making America even worse than it’s been before and that’s saying something

  5. Posted by bitbee4, — Reply

    Lol oh my i was like wtf would anyone use this... then I realized some of y’all have cheatin men 😂

  6. Posted by leebritney70, — Reply

    Yes it still is an invasion of privacy because they might be doing something important and that’s probably why they didn’t pickup in the first place 🙁

  7. Posted by futurepedia0397, — Reply

    Bro this would be horrible if someone was cheating, and the best friend was helping out the partner. I mean, lord! (Or not horrible, however you wanna look at it)

  8. Posted by Connie749263, — Reply

    Ok, that's invasion of privacy... People shouldn't do that. (Unless you think being cheated on. I guess I could allow that. I see the concern) but if your just calling someone cuz you want to talk to them, don't do that. They could be getting dressed or playing on their phone in a bath. And it's not ok to do that

  9. Posted by jsjdndndn, — Reply

    when you facetime someone (on there own just a one on one call ) if they dont pick up add another person to the call and it forces the first person the person you were going to one on one with to pick up - your welcome x

  10. Posted by Brooklyn_Rae08, — Reply

    I have never gotten a join FaceTime to work it always just show the initials can someone help?! Maybe reply with a vid on how to do it? Thx!!

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