Funny Dog SnapChats Of 2020 To Help You Kill COVID 19 Pandemic Crises


#11 Foster doggos are adorable. Here is the proof #12 Cute office dog #13 Sho cute #14 Therapy dogs are cute as hell #15 German shepherds love kittens #16 Smolness benefits #17 We luf snow #18 Dogo loves toby the tongue kitten #19 Banjo the doggo and English teacher. #20 The real scooby doo More


  1. Posted by dancer_livie, — Reply

    As someone who breeds and shows Great Danes I can tell you that the spots aren’t natural, there is a color called fawn but they only have black on their snout and ears. Sorry to crush your dreams guys. ( I’m not saying that this isn’t a cute costume idea I’m just saying that it’s not natural)

  2. Posted by pchambless4416, — Reply

    Because I know a lot of Dane breeders and owned many. This color is not natural. It is a genetic defect and shouldn’t be wanted as much as they are. The black spots are probably fake too

  3. Posted by brooklynwentz, — Reply

    Can you guys please subscribe to my YouTube channel with my sister and friends? We are trying to grow it. (: It’s called “The Wentleys”

  4. Posted by 22jr9769, — Reply

    Can we just take a moment and just appreciate that this dog looks like Scooby doo, it don't matter if his coloration os fake or not who knows maybe its real or maybe its marker but who gives a rats ass all I c is pure awesomeness because this is Scooby doo fan material right here

  5. Posted by kerhode, — Reply

    Pretty close! I LOVE scoobydoo! Always have always will! But scooby doesn’t have slack around his eye or it would be pretty spot on!😂😂😂

  6. Posted by ReadABook250, — Reply

    Yall worried about the fake spots smh cant we just appreciate this amazing good boy looking good as ever

  7. Posted by descendx_, — Reply

    **Guys the owner probably WANTED HIM TO LOOK like Scooby doo so he used a marker to make the marks**

  8. Posted by guyzoosweeper, — Reply

    Everyone in the comments talking about his breed and his spots while I be here like ruh-roh raggy

  9. Posted by 06nevaehwalker, — Reply

    Not gonna lie I used to be and still am obsessed with Scooby-Do...this is amazing....

  10. Posted by minnierosegrace, — Reply

    Do yall just seriously say this dog may have fake spots??? Like this dog could also have Leprosy.

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